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About Liz | Winnipeg Marriage and Family Therapist

Elizabeth Tokar-Wolff MMFT, RSW, CT

Liz Wolff is a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Registered Social Worker, a Divorce Coach and a Clinical Traumatologist with over 35 years of experience supporting individuals, couples and families as they navigate life’s transitions. Both personal and professional experiences have led her to the helping profession.

“It was my own descent into despair and a flirtation with thoughts of suicide that drove me into the care of a therapist who, not only saved my life but also, over time, taught me that I was worthwhile. He gave me hope when mine was depleted. Without his compassion, skill and guidance I would not have been able to leave my toxic marriage, shed the legacy of a traumatic childhood or survived cancer with its inherent indignities and suffering. He encouraged me to return to school, study psychology and go on to complete a clinical master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. My career reflects his devotion to his profession and his dedication to my well-being. I work to emulate him with every client encounter.”

Professional Profile

Elizabeth Tokar-Wolff (Liz Wolff) is a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Registered Social Worker, a Divorce Coach and a Clinical Traumatologist with over 35 years of experience providing coaching, counselling and therapy to individuals, couples and families as they navigate life’s transitions. She has worked in the Public Sector Social Services Field as well as in Private Practice. 

As an educator, Liz taught adults at Red River Community College in the Applied Counselling Department. She taught Introduction to Counselling, Developmental Psychology, Family Therapy, Counselling Children and Youth and Counselling Ethics. 

Aa a conference speaker, she has delivered keynote addresses for the MS Society, the National Association of Police Chiefs, Justice Forums and for the Winnipeg Jewish Child and Family Services. 

Liz was nominated for a YWCA Women of Distinction award for her years of dedicated work to inner-city youth.

Liz’s most recent and very successful endeavour was the development and delivery of a six-week workshop entitled “Women and Self Esteem”. Prompted by the arrest of Harvey Weinstein and other prominent men, as well as the evolution of the “Me Too” movement, Liz undertook the challenge of understanding the dynamic of predatory men who use their positions in sexually violent ways, and how this affected women. She decided to develop and deliver a six-week course to women that would enlighten and empower them through the development of stronger self-esteem, boundary setting, assertiveness, anxiety and depression management and more. 

Please review this article from the Winnipeg Free Press for more information.


“Feeling great about yourself doesn’t require changing everything about yourself. Wolff helps women recognize and find strength in the positive qualities they already possess, but are often eclipsed by the negative beliefs they hold about themselves. ‘I help women reframe a position they hold about themselves that might be societally influenced and inaccurate,’ she says.”

Professional Affiliations

As a practicing social worker and clinician, Liz sees it as professionally and ethically responsible to maintain memberships in good standing with any Regulatory Bodies whose roles are to legislate set standards of practice and to enforce those standards. Currently she is a:

  • Member in good standing with the Manitoba College of Registered Social Workers
  • Member in good standing with Manitoba Family Conciliation
  • Member in good Standing with Traumatology Institute (Toronto)


  • Bachelor’s Degree (Psychology Major)-University of Winnipeg
  • Master’s Degree Marriage & Family Therapy- University of Winnipeg
  • Post Master’s Certificate in Clinical Traumatology-Traumatology Institute of Toronto
  • Certificate in Conflict Resolution
  • Certificate in Family Intervention-Minnesota Institute of Family Dynamics
  • Certificate as Trainer for Divorce Adjustment Workshops-Colorado Family Learning Centre

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