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Working with Women | Liz Wolff Workshop

Working with Women

Unreasonable Expectations on Women

Women are socialized into gender-defined roles which means that they are subjected to the constant influx of influences from the moment gender is revealed. “It’s a girl!” is the announcement that sets life scripts and expectations into motion. 

The problem is that mainstream messages encourage narrow definitions of girls’ roles, and the media landscape creates new and dangerous forms of pressure for girls to look ‘pretty’ or ‘sexy’, to be passive, compliant, silent and shamed in the face of aggression, abuse and violence. 

The Women and Self-Esteem workshop is designed to assist women in recognizing, understanding and challenging the limiting lessons and rampant sexism that is alive and well in their worlds. 

Since Self-Esteem comes form the inside out, it means that women can rewrite the universal familial and societal scripts that hold them hostage. Self-Esteem is a core issue essential to personal validation and the experience of joy. This workshop will help women to find new joy and meaning in their lives. 

Professional Guidance

In a safe environment, in the company of other women and under the safe, compassionate guidance of a skilled professional, participants will learn about: 

  • Beliefs that limit them
  • The impact of their own family of origin
  • The deadly effect of poor self esteem
  • How to recognize the negative thoughts that keep them imprisoned
  • How to set boundaries with toxic others
  • How to assertively communicate
  • How to ask for what is wanted
  • How to leave a dangerous relationship
  • How to realize they deserve so much more
  • How to have control over your own life 

“The Journey of Therapy is a journey that returns you to you, to the essence of who you are and who you have always been.”