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Individual Therapy | Liz Wolff Workshop

Individual Therapy

The Road Less Travelled

When things start to go wrong in life; a relationship falls apart, a panic attack, depression, loss of a job or anxiety, one might have the personal skills to manage. If, however, matters spiral into too much suffering, that is the time to consider individual therapy. 

The act of seeking therapy is an act of courage. Society tells us to “just pull up our bootstraps” or to “keep on trucking” so, for many, it feels like failure or weakness to seek professional help. The reality is, that accessing therapy is an act of courage. 

Good therapy is meant to help uncover those parts of the self that are kept hidden or are unconscious and driving many of our self-defeating behaviours. This is a scary place to go and one we might prefer to avoid. But the act of delving into our own shadow side is where courage, emotional stamina and self compassion come in. Your therapist will guide the gradual and safe unfolding of your process. 

Benefits of Therapy

There are real, tangible benefits to therapy, including reduction in stress, depression or anxiety, healthier relationships with those close to you, successful transitions into new circumstances, greater focus on everyday activities and work assignments. 

Individual therapy can be about more than treating symptoms, it can be a path to a more fulfilling life. Scott Peck, author of “The Road Less Travelled” wrote:

“The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy or unfulfilled”’ 

The Road Less Travelled by Scott Peck


“I met Liz when I was thirty-five years old. I am now sixty-two. That is a twenty-seven-year Liz therapist then friend relationship.

Liz is an extraordinary person and therapist. She helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life, from changing careers to recently dealing with the loss if both my parents. It has been a godsend to have Liz stand by me and carry me through those times when I thought all was lost and I had nothing left to live for. 

Liz and I share happy times too, we laugh and joke about everyday life, my accomplishments, successes and challenges as well. We are now and have been for the last ten years like sisters. The only difference is that we do not fight! I try hard to give back the compassion, empathy, strength and courage she has always shown me. When she has a new client, I tell her to ‘go work your magic’ because I have experienced that magic firsthand. 

She’s tough when called for. She’s caring, empathetic and supportive and most of all she’s ‘one of a kind‘.

If there is a god, I thank her or him everyday and you will too when you experience how very capable she is as a therapist and shining example of kindness and intelligence all wrapped up in ‘being Liz’.”