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Marley the Therapy Dog

Meet Marley

The Best Therapist has fur and four legs.

Meet Marley.

Marley is a four-year-old purebred chocolate Labrador who is in training to become a therapy dog. She is my Covid Canine Companion, an impulse purchase when the dark days of the pandemic set in.

In our time together, this tiny bundle of beauty and mischief has given me hours of laughter, exercise and love.

We have a devoted, enduring bond and I care about her from a place that only a dog-lover can understand. She offers me undeniable loyalty and purity of heart that sustains me at some of those times when I want comfort.

It occurred to me that if I experienced her as therapeutic, so might others. She is currently on a journey, under the guidance of a skilled professional dog trainer, to her designation as a therapy dog.