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Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends

Separation and Divorce Workshop

The ending of a love relationship is a period of vulnerability and uncertainty. There are complex issues legally, socially, economically and emotionally. This six-week workshop will focus on key dynamics that are inevitable during a separation and divorce.

Course Details

Week One – Who Am I Now That I Don’t Have A Partner?

In order to redefine our lives as single persons, we must accept that the relationship has ended. Shock and denial are common emotions, so is relief depending on whether you were the dumper or the dumpee.

Week Two – I Am Terrified of What’s Next.

The emotional roller coaster swings wildly between grief, anger and loneliness. How can I deal with these extreme feelings without feeling like I am going crazy?

Week Three – What Really Happened?

An emotional autopsy will be done on the completed relationship…if we don’t examine the role that each spouse played in the relational demise, we are doomed to repeat history in a subsequent relationship.

Week Four – And What About the Kids?

Children must not become casualties of separation. How do parents safeguard them during this transitional time and create co-parenting plans that protect them?

Week Five – What Happens Legally?

Anyone whose relationship ends will need legal advice. A Collaborative Law expert will join the group to provide an overview of what to expect in navigating the divorce.

Week Six – And Now That I Am Happily Single…?

Let’s examine the reality of single life by understanding what we want in another relationship. What can you live with and what is non-negotiable with a new partner. Blended families present unique challenges that must be understood to be successful.