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Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends

Separation and Divorce Workshop

The ending of a love relationship is a period of vulnerability and uncertainty. There are complex issues legally, socially, economically and emotionally. This six-week workshop will focus on key dynamics that are inevitable during a separation and divorce.

Dates and Location

Coming in Fall of 2024
Location: Wolseley area

group size: maximum 14 participants.


The cost of the workshop is $400.00 for the six weeks. (This includes text book and taxes). Payable though etransfer, cheque or Visa. Receipts provided for insurance plan coverage (please contact your health care provider to determine eligibility).

The number one trusted resource for Seperation and Divorce recovery: Rebuilding when your Relationship Ends.

Our workshops are based on the groundbreaking work of Bruce Fisher, PhD, and follow his proven methodology for supporting people through one of the most challenging times in their lives.

Workshop Facilitators

Elizabeth Tokar Wolff (Liz Wolff)
Marriage & Family Therapist
Registered Social Worker
Clinical Traumatologist
Divorce Coach

Liz is a qualified professional with significant experience supporting individuals
whose relationship is or has ended. Motivated by the desire to provide
information and guidance through the multiple challenges of uncoupling, she is
presenting a six-week workshop series that will provide strategies and tools for dealing with
feelings of denial, fear, anger, loneliness and grief.

Liz is a devoted wife, mother and grandmother to Lucy (her three-year-old
soulmate) who derives great joy from working with her chocolate lab Marley.
Together they have a goal of achieving ‘therapy dog’ status…success (after much
hard work) is just around the corner!

Jen Hoenisch
BA Psychology, Conflict Resolution
CDFA, Senior Negotiator Separation and Divorce
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
Qualified Mediator

Jen is recognized in the field of mediating high-conflict separation and divorce.
She is professionally trained and has years of experience as a qualified divorce financial analyst. She is knowledgeable in developing parenting plans and separation agreements.

Jen is a mother to two energetic teenagers, is passionate about food (whether it
be food for the body or food for the soul). Jen loves to cook and is fulfilled by friends and family gathered around the kitchen table.

Marnie Ladd
BA Psychology
Cert. Conflict Resolution
Cert. Anger Management
Program Administrator

Real life experience has been her greatest teacher! Surviving and thriving through
relationship endings has led her to a keen interest in communications, personal
growth and development. She takes on life with tenacity and compassion and is a
motivating force for change for those in her personal and professional circle.
Marnie is a loving partner, an avid foodie, a dog lover to Huckleberry and Coco,
and an exercise enthusiast who is at her best with friends and family.

Course Details

Week One – Who Am I Now That I Don’t Have A Partner?

In order to redefine our lives as single persons, we must accept that the relationship has ended. Shock and denial are common emotions, so is relief depending on whether you were the dumper or the dumpee. Self-esteem and sense of worth are often undermined during the process and can lead to questions about identity. Strategies will be discussed and tools will be provided that will guide the journey into singlehood.

Week Two-I am Terrified of What’s Next.

The emotional roller coaster swings wildly between grief, anger, fear and loneliness. How can I deal with these extremes without feeling like I am going crazy? Strategies for emotions management will be discussed and practiced. What is the journey going to be over the next weeks, months and years? We will provide you with information that will assist you in making decisions about what’s next.

Week Three – What Really Happened?

An emotional autopsy (examination of the relational dynamics) will be done on the ended relationship…if we don’t examine the factors that led to the partnership demise, we are doomed to repeat history in a subsequent relationship. Given that 67% of second marriages break down, there is a need for reflection and understanding of unhealthy relationship dynamics that are at risk of being repeated. What needs to be done differently?

Week Four – And What About the Kids?

Children must not become casualties of separation. How do parents safeguard them and address their developmental and post-separation needs during this time. Creation of individual Co- Parenting Plans will be discussed. In addition, the topic of blended families will be introduced with some guidelines for embarking on a new relationship in which there are children.

Week Five – What Happens Legally?

Some legal/financial information about the separation/divorce will be presented. This information won’t replace your need for legal representation, but will assist in preparing for the legal process

Week Six – And Now That I Am Happily Single…?

Learning how to be single again and avoiding the rebound trap can be tough, but singleness for a period of time has its benefits. Let’s examine the reality of single life by understanding what we want in another relationship. What can you live with and what is non-negotiable with a new partner?

Reach out for more information.

Please let us know a little about your situation so we can determine if this workshop is a good fit for you.